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In 1382, was established with the aim of creating represented companies from Germany as well as partnerships with industries and related companies in the following  Fields: Measurement, design and manufacture of parts and molds, production line and design of all parts and kits Car and vehicle testing and equipment, oil and gas and petrochemicals, cement, steel, water and wastewater treatment facilities and the provision of raw materials in Order to guide the industrial projects in the above mentioned sectors . 

History CamalAmiran

How was the name of CamalAmiran Company formed?

How was the name of CamalAmiran Company formed?

Almiran company was established and started working in 1371(1991) with the aim of industry and technology collaboration of Iran and Germany, also its name is inspired from the name of these two countries.
Due to the expansion of the almiran company's activities with internal industry in Iran, the idea of registration and activities of CamAlmiran company in Iran was made which in 1382 (2003) Due to the limited registration rules by changing the name to (CamalAmiran), and with the aim of providing consulting services, engineering and business to industry and domestic companies was registered and started its activities.
Then the German company ATAC (Almiran Trading and Consulting) just to follow up and implementation of projects in Germany in the year 1390 (2012) established and began its activities.

Company goals

Create stable relationships in Germany and Iranian industrialists and companies, consulting, management, and technology transfer stage ...Recognizing and beginning of the project until the completion and operation of the project


The office of the company in Germany is called as ATAC in city in Koln and is established to follow up and make the necessary arrangements in order to accelerate the implementation of projects in the shortest possible time and with high quality is established.


CamalAmiran Company utilizing the most advanced technology and experienced engineering staff in consulting and engineering services for industrial projects has been cooperating with automotive companies in Iran Chord and Saipa , Mehrkam Pars Company, Hadid Mobtakeran Company , Andishe Khodro Company, Mapna (Tuga) Turbine Manufacturing Engineering.
 Also in the field of sales services, training, installation and commissioning of three-dimensional measuring devices and cameras now breuckmann and Aicon photogrammetry and as representatives of Germany, saled some devices to Saipa Sazegostar Company , Hadid mobtakeran  , Mina generator manufacturing company , Pars , Artman Tarh company , Negin Tarh gostar company as well as Mansoori Tuning  company in Germany  with Warranty and support services. 


In order to create optimal relationship between Iranian and German industrialists and companies ,CamalAmiran and ATAC company are of active members of the German-Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) and through ATAC company continue sly are linked  With industrialists and German companies interested in collaboration on projects industrialists and domestic companies . 

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