AICON / breuckmann

CamalAmiran company   with over a decade of experience since 2005 owns the disposal of  Representing sales service, training and installation of three-dimensional measuring devices company " AICON and breuckmann" in Germany .

AICON Company is of the leading companies in the field of optical measurement methods in Europe and three-dimensional measuring devices industry. In early 2012   , the company emprise to buy the breuckmann German company for more than two decades of experience in the field sales and support for three-dimensional scanner. As a result of the merger of two strong companies with expertise in common, in recent years the development and improvement of systems and three-dimensional measuring devices is sent.

AICON / breuckmann
 Companies stir in  Braunshweig and Meersburg  in Germany . The importance of measuring, inspection, quality control and mold pieces and the form of unrestricted substance ,  color and size pieces and its non-contact feature As well as capabilities of portable measuring devices   , and thus the measurement process in place of projects is done through high speed, accuracy and quality , make the devices of “Aicon” company distinctive from others in this field . Moreover, if necessary, support services of the company "Aicon and Brvykmn" is  held online and  constant for customers around the world. The company "Aicon" With continuous research and development and provide three-dimensional measuring devices in accordance with customer requirements and based on the latest technology, has opened a new window on the world.

"Aicon" three-dimensional measuring devices are applied with respect to the accuracy and quality in the automotive industry, aerospace, a variety of pieces and mold, oil and gas  petrochemical industry , cement, plastics, building, turbine building, and ....

CamalAmiran company as representing the company Icon With a staff of experienced engineers and three-dimensional scanner with an 8-megapixel camera and optical system "LEDs" with blue light according to the latest standard technology and Europe is ready to deliver services in measuring and as well as modeling and qualitative reporting and inspection of products using the most advanced specialized software and services.

It also provides sales services, commissioning and installation, training and after-sales service of three-dimensional scanner devices and  photogrammetric cameras to customers .