CamalAmiran charge the representation and consultancy, sales and support all kinds of pipes, fittings and tanks, stainless steel and corrosion resistant of BUTTING Company.

Family Company " BUTTING" With a history of over 235 years and 2000 staff and annual production of 80,000 tons and  production factories in Germany, Brazil and China and annual turnover of over 850 million euros in Germany and a 490,000 square meters factory is of the Knesebeck companies and  with a center of coryphaeus in the field of production and manufacture of pipes, fittings and tanks and stainless steel with special alloy steels are mainly in five main sections and includes: Oil, gas and petrochemical industry , water and wastewater facilities, water treatment plants and wastewater treatment , desalination facilities , food and pharmaceutical industries .

Now the seventh generation of the family " BUTTING" is working in charge of managing the company with the aim of continuum  on this path with the product and the best quality and in accordance with the latest technology and standards, while respecting the health of future generations .
Keeping the environment clean and healthy, satisfied employees and customers and improve product quality ....... are of other objectives of the company " BUTTING .

The company has the most advanced materials technology, welding, manufacturing and product quality control system, suppliers of materials and equipment of the  largest international projects and also exists  in line with the strategy and policies of the company are investing continuously to develop and achieve its objectives.