CamalAmiran is active as representation and consultancy, sales and support of advanced systems of Lighting "LED”. The company is among the top companies in the industry with innovative lighting systems and technologies of "LEDs" And with the features and power efficiency, brightness and long life and very low consumption has put the consideration on  Hilden city in , Germany.

All the design and manufacture of lamp and "LEDs" are continually subjected to quality control. The lamp "LEDs" applications have an important role in the decoration of residential complexes and homes , today . The atmosphere of each room can be changed using the lamp. This approach to modernize an apartment or a house and change its atmosphere is very interesting. Especially if there is a possibility to change the color of the walls, with a alter on the program, can conveniently achieve the desired color.

The company's products are used in industries, organizations and government agencies, residential and cultural centers, hotels, cars and ..... Used.