We are responsible for consulting on construction of projects and Safety parts of the TRW Company. 

The company is one of the companies capable of designing and Manufacturing electronic equipment and production lines, Automotive safety systems such as seat belts, brakes, air bags and ...
The company with headquarters Livonia-Michigan ا in America and in More than 20 countries around the world including European Countries, South Africa, Brazil, Thailand, India, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey has actively participates.

It should be noted that during the recent years of consulting and Management of CamalAmiran Company, Andishe imen khodro with Partnership of TRW Company and for design and set up a production Line for SAPCO car air bags and IranKhodro's has taken an action. This joint project is one of the successful projects of partnership Between the owners of domestic industry and industry of Germany And in the field of automobile industry and car collections.